Oscars Shorts 2018

Each year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka THE Academy) showcases ten short films through nomination. Each ranging from five to thirty minutes in duration, the films are designated into live action and animation categories. The films themselves are incredibly diverse, selected from all over the globe, exhibiting a vast variety ofContinue reading “Oscars Shorts 2018”

The Post: Backwards and in Heels

The phrase ‘backwards and in heels’ is derived from a cartoon by Bob Thaves drawn in 1982. Specifically, the cartoon stated that Ginger Rogers performed everything that Fred Astaire did in their films, except backwards and in heels. This phrase has come to emulate the recurrent struggles of women working in a patriarchal world, asContinue reading “The Post: Backwards and in Heels”

For Your Consideration: Awards Season 2018

It’s that time of year again! Over the next couple of months, our ‘to see’ list will extend with the addition of films which are in awards conversations. The Golden Globe nominations were announced last week, commencing the inevitable discussion of snubs. Of course, it’s important to remember that voting bodies tend to vary andContinue reading “For Your Consideration: Awards Season 2018”

20th Century Women: Fresh Perspectives

20th Century Women is a semi-autobiographical film by writer-director Mike Mills (Beginners, Thumbsucker). Set in 1979, the film centres on an unconventional family living in a large home in Santa Barbara. Like the transitional time period itself, the house is under renovation, forged and fixed by the characters who reside within it. The residents consistContinue reading “20th Century Women: Fresh Perspectives”

Fences: Inaccessibly Accessible

Fences is a screen adaptation of August Wilson’s renowned play of the same name. Directed by Denzel Washington (The Great Debaters, Antwone Fisher) who previously directed and starred in the play’s revival on Broadway, Fences is an undoubted passion project, wholly dedicated to the source material. The film’s story is set in 1950s Pittsburgh andContinue reading “Fences: Inaccessibly Accessible”

Lion: Crossroads

Lion is an Australian production based upon Saroo Brierley’s memoir ‘A Long Way Home’. Directed by relative newcomer Garth Davis and written for the screen by Luke Davies (Candy), the film has strong footing in both Australia and India, but was produced by Aussie filmmakers. Based on true events, Lion follows Saroo (Sunny Pawar) asContinue reading “Lion: Crossroads”

Jackie: The Unstable Narrator

Jackie is an atypical biopic seen through the eyes of Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman). The main framing of the story follows the events which occurred prior and subsequent to her husband’s assassination in 1963. Directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín and produced by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream) who was previously setContinue reading “Jackie: The Unstable Narrator”

La La Land: Spot the Reference

La La Land is the third feature-length film from writer/director/wunderkind Damien Chazelle (Whiplash). Set in modern-day Los Angeles, La La Land pays tribute to and ultimately reinvents both classic Hollywood cinema and musicals, as well as several other genres including the romantic comedy. The film stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, again proving that thereContinue reading “La La Land: Spot the Reference”

Nocturnal Animals: Stylish Exploitation

Nocturnal Animals is written for the screen and directed by renowned designer Tom Ford (A Single Man). Based upon Austin Wright’s 1993 novel, the film stars an extensive ensemble cast headed by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. Nocturnal Animals is gripping, stylish and most surprisingly, kind of weird; verifying Ford’s abilities as a modern polymathContinue reading “Nocturnal Animals: Stylish Exploitation”