Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2019

MQFF is in its twenty-ninth year, expanding upon the world’s oldest and largest exhibition of queer films. The festival’s growth is includes the diversification of exhibition spaces, including new partnerships with Village Cinema’s Jam Factory as well as ongoing collaborations with Cinema Nova and ACMI. Through this expansion, the festival coordinators aim to bring theseContinue reading “Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2019”

Sorry to Bother You: no spoilers – pinky promise!

Sorry to Bother You is the debut feature film of artist/musician/writer/activist Boots Riley which manages to bridge a great many genres and sub-genres including comedy, satire, sci-fi, horror and (what the hey) political thriller. I should preface this review by assuring you that I will not be discussing this film’s spoilers for two reasons: theContinue reading “Sorry to Bother You: no spoilers – pinky promise!”

MIFF 2018: Sorry Angel

Sorry Angel is the latest film by French auteur filmmaker Christophe Honoré (Dans Paris, Love Songs). The film headlined at Melbourne’s International Film Festival having premiered at Cannes, inevitably making its way around the globe to various other festivals this year. The film is a love story set in France during 1993, as the visibilityContinue reading “MIFF 2018: Sorry Angel”

MIFF 2018: Damsel

A part of the Melbourne International Film Festival’s official 2018 selection, Damsel is a tender ode to frontier films which places their traditional archetypes and tropes central to its particular satire. The film is the latest from the Zellner brothers whose 2014 film Kumiko was also shown at MIFF, further emphasising the festival’s eye forContinue reading “MIFF 2018: Damsel”

A Quiet Place: Hero Shot

In his new horror movie, director John Krasinski (very intelligently) enlists his wife Emily Blunt to co-parent their fictional brood of fairly quiet kids, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. The entirety of the film revolves around the survival of the Abbott family on their closely monitored corn farm, seemingly untouched by the post-apocalypticContinue reading “A Quiet Place: Hero Shot”

Isle of Dogs: Orientalism

Isle of Dogs is the latest instalment into the pastel-coloured, meticulously framed cinematic world of Wes Anderson. Telling the fable-like tale of a boy in search of his canine companion, the film is filled in abundance with whimsical nostalgia, almost drawing away from his vexing decision to use Japan as the foundation for this seeminglyContinue reading “Isle of Dogs: Orientalism”

Tallulah: Babies Raising Babies

After losing by her boyfriend, Tallulah’s (Ellen Page) impulsivity carries her into difficult circumstances with a kidnapped baby and would-be mother-in-law (Allison Janney). Written and directed by Sian Heder, Tallulah premiered at Sundance Film Festival – a fact which is evident upon viewing, as it has that distinctive indie darling vibe that is prominent inContinue reading “Tallulah: Babies Raising Babies”

Oscars Shorts 2018

Each year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka THE Academy) showcases ten short films through nomination. Each ranging from five to thirty minutes in duration, the films are designated into live action and animation categories. The films themselves are incredibly diverse, selected from all over the globe, exhibiting a vast variety ofContinue reading “Oscars Shorts 2018”

The Post: Backwards and in Heels

The phrase ‘backwards and in heels’ is derived from a cartoon by Bob Thaves drawn in 1982. Specifically, the cartoon stated that Ginger Rogers performed everything that Fred Astaire did in their films, except backwards and in heels. This phrase has come to emulate the recurrent struggles of women working in a patriarchal world, asContinue reading “The Post: Backwards and in Heels”

For Your Consideration: Awards Season 2018

It’s that time of year again! Over the next couple of months, our ‘to see’ list will extend with the addition of films which are in awards conversations. The Golden Globe nominations were announced last week, commencing the inevitable discussion of snubs. Of course, it’s important to remember that voting bodies tend to vary andContinue reading “For Your Consideration: Awards Season 2018”