Hi, I’m Ella.

My name is Ella Pace. I’m a twenty-something student working in Melbourne as a Film and Media Critic. I love all things media, but I am most passionate about the discussion of media in relation to its effects on society. I personally use the mediums of writing and social media.

From 2016, I have been a regular contributor at Pop Culture-y, as well as here on my personal website, Flickerthoughts.

I have an extensive professional background in retail and customer relations, which I believe is invaluable to my skills of understanding people and their needs. I also have an educational background in filmmaking and screenwriting which have provided me with technical skills such as digital editing, video and sound production, as well as a practical understanding of narrative construction and screenwriting.
I am practiced in the following programmes:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Garage Band
  • iMovie
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress website building
  • iOS and OSX

Ideally, I aim to expand upon my career as a professional film and media critic. I hope to someday have the opportunity to work for Australian publications such as Junkee, The Age and Empire Magazine. With this kind of work moving online, I understand that many professionals work in many mediums for multiple publications, promoting themselves thusly. This is certainly something that I am very prepared to do.

Most importantly, I believe that I have a proficient understanding of media, notably due to my dedication to consuming a large range of diverse media. I have a unique voice, using humour and expressive language to purvey my own views. I am also not afraid to point out underlying flaws within media, bringing in feminist analytics when looking at the big picture of media.

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