Lion: Crossroads

Lion is an Australian production based upon Saroo Brierley’s memoir ‘A Long Way Home’. Directed by relative newcomer Garth Davis and written for the screen by Luke Davies (Candy), the film has strong footing in both Australia and India, but was produced by Aussie filmmakers. Based on true events, Lion follows Saroo (Sunny Pawar) asContinue reading “Lion: Crossroads”

Best of 2016: Cinema and Screen

Here are my ten favourite films of 2016. Undoubtedly a good year for cinema and an amazing year for critiquing media, 2016 brought us films both problematic and downright cringe (please tell me if you thought of any film other than Suicide Squad just now). Other films, however, brought me joy, repeat viewings and Blu-rayContinue reading “Best of 2016: Cinema and Screen”

Best of 2016: TV and Streaming

Here are my favourite bits of TV/streaming content released and consumed this year. Although it has been a tough year generally, quality TV content has unquestioningly peaked, setting our standards higher than ever. Admittedly, I still have a hefty list of titles to consume over the summer break, here are the ones that I wouldContinue reading “Best of 2016: TV and Streaming”