G.O.T. Season 6 Predictions – UPDATE

I will be talking about episodes up to the most recent episode – ‘The Door’. If you have not seen every single one of these episodes, please be aware that I will be discussing SPOILERS, as well as informed predictions about what is left for our favourite characters this season.


So far, my predictions have been pretty spot on. See my correct predictions below:

  • Jon Snow is resurrected by Melisandre
  • Jon Snow leaves the Night’s Watch
  • Ramsay kills Roose and Walder Bolton (although I did not predict the slaughter of that baby) and becomes Warden of the North
  • Ramsay is ‘gifted’ Rickon Stark
  • Brienne becomes Sansa’s protecter
  • Sansa meets Jon at The Wall (this was a hopeful one, as I had a sneaking feeling that they might have missed each other)
  • Arya recovers from her blindness
  • Arya goes on her first mission for The Faceless Men
  • Cercei is angry and vengeful
  • Tyrion is a wise-cracker (all those ‘dickless’ jokes)
  • Dany gains a Dothraki army
  • Bran goes into the past and sees his father, among other things


I think that everything that we’ve seen of this season up until ‘The Door’ has been really solid (excluding Dorne, as there is no possible way to fix that horrible storyline) and I really can’t wait to see more, as this is by far the best season that we’ve had since probably season 3.

Here’s what could happen:

Bran is likely to survive with Meera and will continue to work on his new skillz. Hopefully he will at least reflect on the terrible decisions that he has made that GOT THE THREE-EYED RAVEN, SUMMER AND HODOR KILLED. I’m sorry, but the kid never learns. His mother was incessant about Bran not climbing, and he goes and gets himself paralyzed, and now thing. Come on, Bran. I think that Bran will go back and find out more about Lyanna, leading him to the truth about Jon’s true parentage. *Secret Targaryen*. After this, Bran will travel to a Weirwood/Heart Tree and warg to contact Jon, who will likely be praying or doing whatever Jons do.


I think that at the Jon’s hesitance to lead, Sansa will become the driving force in gathering an army to take Winterfell (and stab Ramsay in the damn throat). They will all (Sansa, Jon, Brienne, Tormond, Davos, Melisandre and, of course, Podrick ~bless~) travel to Riverrun to see what’s up there. I honestly think that Littlefinger was lying, and that the Lannisters have The Riverlands, but regardless, I think Brienne will end up fighting Jaime. OR… Cleganebowl. If you do not know this theory, look it up. It’s mint (and pretty much confirmed)


When it comes to King’s Landing, I think that they will succeed in rescuing Margaery from the High Sparrow, although she will not be the same. Loras will probably have to make his walk of atonement. Other than those two storylines, I really have no idea where the Kings Landing stuff is going this season, it’s effective but I think that most of the show’s audience like to focus on what’s happening in The North, as it’s doing an amazing job of paying off so many storylines this season.

I think that I am still right in predicting that Yara and Theon Greyjoy are taking their (enormous) fleet to Volantis, where Yara will have some fun with the prostitutes and eventually team up with Daenerys, providing her with those ships that she needed.


In other crackpot theories, I have some thoughts about Varys. Although he is quite an unassuming character, we still really don’t know a whole lot about his background. In ‘The Door’, Tyrion and Varys meet a Red Priestess who talks about “that time” that someone cut of Vary’s genitals and threw them into a fire. I think that the reason for this has to do with the Lord of Light (Shireen was burnt alive, Gendry’s blood etc.) and that Varys has King’s blood. There is a theory that has been making the rounds for years about The Blackfire Rebellion and the Black Dragons. I won’t go into details here but basically it ended up that a Targaryen prince was sent out of Westeros and that Varys could be distantly related to him. Not only does this explain Varys’ support of Daenerys and the Targaryen rein, but also many other things about him, including his bald head (it could be that he is hiding his silver hair). But what did the voice say?
Anyway, I was reminded of this theory whilst watching this episode and I’m intrigued to find out whether it comes to fruition. We all love Varys, after all!

I am so enjoying watching this season! I will post another update in a few episodes, but in the meantime, happy Cleganebowl watching!

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Ella is a film critic currently working and studying in Melbourne, Australia.

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