Game of Thrones Season 6: Predictions

It seems like everyone is talking about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, so as a self-confessed obsessed fan of most everything about the universe (including books and HBO adaption), I thought I should write up all of my (informed) predictions for what will happen in the next season! Warning: I am going to be talking about events from both the show and the books, so SPOILERS AHEAD. I should also say that I have watched all of the clip, trailers and teasers that HBO has released, so if you are avoiding information from these, please beware.

P.S. This is all pure speculation, so crack-pot theories are allowed.

Let’s start with who everyone is talking about.

Jon Snow


Jon Snow is definitely dead. But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about him staying this way for no more than a few episodes. The kid’s going to get resurrected, one way or another, most likely by the Lady Melisandre. We can see from the clips and teasers that Jon’s body is being guarded by Ghost and Davos, as well as Ed (I assume) and some others Brothers of the Night’s Watch. In one particular scene, Davos actually unsheathes Longclaw, ready to strike. Davos has nothing to lose, as he’s just lost Shireen (my heart has not yet mended) and his King. I think that Davos is going to have a hell of a lot to do this season, bringing together supporters for the Starks in the North (but more about that later).

Upon being brought back from the dead (because it’s obviously going to happen), Jon will rise a Stark. Jon Stark! He will also no longer be a Brother of the Night’s Watch. I also think that this may be the season in which L+R=J will be confirmed (if you do not know this theory, please look it up pronto!), which will reveal Jon’s status as a *Secret Targaryen*.

Like I said, Jon’s not going to be brought back for a while. HBO is going to drag this one out, unfortunately. Plus I think Melisandre needs to work on her resurrecting skillz. But once he’s back, Jon will fight for the Starks in the Battle of the Bastards (a great battle for The North between Ramsay Bolton’s men and supporters of the Starks — more about this below in ‘The North’).

Other than that, Jon’s always been the one that audiences have rooted for. He’s grown into a man before our eyes, and it would be a crime to not put into play so many possibilities for this character who ultimately stands for good.

The North

Now that we’ve gotten all of the Jon stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the North. When we left off at the end of season 5, the (blasted) Boltons ruled in the North with Roose at the helm as Warden of the North. Roose and his wife Walda (daughter of the ultimate evil, Walder Frey) are expecting a child, likely a boy. Roose’s bastard Ramsay who has been naturalised by King Tommen (“another bastard” — thanks Sansa) is already cranky about this, as it jeopardises Ramsay’s claim to the North. On top of that, Ramsay has just misplaced three people. Miranda has been murdered by Theon, who just escaped with Sansa.

I think that these recent events will have a significant effect on Ramsay’s psyche, which will ultimately lead to the deaths of Roose and Walda, leaving Ramsay as Warden of the North. Ramsay will lead his men into battle against the Starks, likely led by Jon or Sansa.

It was also made clear that the Umbers had sided with the Boltons. And we have to remember that when Bran sent Osha and Rickon away, he sent them to the Umbers. Therefore, Rickon may be used as a hostage to Ramsay during the Battle of the Bastards. Sansa’s going to have something to say about that…

Speaking of whom!

Sansa Stark


So Sansa had a terrible time last season. I’m not really going to go into it because it really shook my confidence in the show, which is saying something. Fans have been assured since the beginning of season 6 production that Sansa’s story will definitely going somewhere. THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH!

When we last left Sansa, she had just escaped Winterfell with Theon, after attempting to do so herself as per Brienne’s (failed) plan. I’ve connected a few dots and I’ve come to the conclusion that she and Theon will get separated, likely with Theon sacrificing himself and being recaptured by the Boltons.

Sansa will then meet Brienne and Podrick again (although I don’t know how) and she will be brought to The Wall, to Jon. I’m not really sure what will happen from there, but I have some ideas. Sansa and Jon will travel around the North gathering the remaining supporters of the Starks, in order to reclaim the North, with Sansa as Wardeness. Sansa may also be involved in the resurrection of her brother(/cousin).

I have a few hopeful ideas about what else could be involved in Sansa’s story this season. It is my prediction that Sansa will meet Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf again (I will go into why more in Arya’s section below), because Sansa could do with some extra protection and guidance. It is also likely that Brienne will admit to Sansa that she failed to catch Arya. This will have a huge effect on Sansa, as she had no knowledge about Arya still being alive, let alone so close.

Sansa will likely be reunited with Petyr Baelish at some point, upon which she will do one of two things. Sansa will either: Kill Petyr (if she knows what’s good for her) or, Sansa will manipulate Littlefinger in order to gain more power in The South. In my opinion, Sansa should just cut his throat and be done with it.

My biggest prediction is that, although Sansa will not become Lady Stoneheart (probably the best storyline that we’re missing from the books), she will embody some of her more vengeful traits, going after the Freys and ultimately Ramsay. I also think that, like Lady Stoneheart, Sansa will punish Brienne for her devotion to Jaime Lannister, as well as for letting Arya slip through her fingers and failure to save Sansa. Sansa will probably send Brienne to fight for her in Riverrun, where she will ultimately fight Jaime.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be Sansa’s season. I can’t wait for her to be a key player in the game of thrones.

Let’s hop over to Braavos for a bit shall we?

Arya Stark


I think that of all of the characters, Arya’s story is likely to be the most faithful to the books.

Arya is blind, obviously, and will live as on the streets of Braavos for a few episodes. She is also going to continue her ‘training’ with The Waif. I am really hoping that Arya’s blindness will allow her to work on her warging skillz, like in the books. Further, Arya will warg into her direwolf Nymeria and find Sansa, where she will have the direwolf watch over her older sister. Arya will recover from her blindness.

Also following the books, Arya will join a theatre troupe for her first apprenticeship. Arya will also take her first life as no-one.

Let’s leap over to King’s Landing

Cercei Lannister


So Cercei is set to be nuts this season with rage’n’revenge. Jaime will return to King’s Landing with Prince Trystane (unless they went back to Dorne to drop him off) and the body of Myrcella. It’s very likely that Cercei will plead with Jaime to exact vengeance against the High Sparrow, but Jaime could (and probably should) act with caution. Everything’s all good though because they have Mace Tyrell (Mace is ah-mace-ing)!

Cercei will also take full advantage of her newest companion, Sir Robert Strong (also known as the Frank’n’Mountain). If the story’s anything like the books, SRS will murder Pycell and Kevan.

Just lots and lots of murder. And manipulation. And a few moments of tender motherly care for ickle King Tommen.

I also have an inkling that this could be Cercei’s (and maybe Jaime’s) last season. This may be the end of the Lannister line, as we’ve already seen the Baratheons come and go.

Onto the character with literally the best one-liners in the show

Tyrion Lannister


With Daenerys gone, Tyrion, Varys and Missandei will rule Meereen. They will deal with the politics and try to clean up the mess that the Sons of the Harpy (and Drogon) have left behind.

It is seen in the trailer that Tyrion goes down into the dungeons to visit Viserion and Rhaegal (Daenerys’ dragons). There are a few things that could happen here. Tyrion could be burnt to a crisp which, let’s face it, is not impossible (especially if they have written Tyrion’s story resembling that of Quentyn Martell’s). Somebody else (possible Grey Worm) could be burnt to a crisp, sparing Tyrion and leaving him with a crippling sense of guilt. Or, the third theory which is most popular among fans, Tyrion will be blasted by dragon fire and will survive like we saw with Dany in season 1. Tyrion would therefore be a *Secret Targaryen* and would ride the third dragon into the Great War with Daenerys and Jon.

It’s going to be an interesting season for Tyrion, though it always is.

And now to the queen whose titles keep multiplying!

Daenerys Targaryen


Upon being dropped into the middle of a Dothraki hoard (thanks, Drogon), our Khaleesi will head into Vaes Dothrak and meet with Khal Jhaqo. I really have no clue what will happen there, but it is likely that she will spend some time with the khalasar connecting with her Dothraki roots.

Daenerys will somehow convince them to return with her to Meereen, where she will prepare to venture towards Westeros, likely through Volantis and then into Dorne.

(Speaking of Volantis, in the trailer it appears that Yara Greyjoy is hangin’ with the whores of Volantis and may assist Daenerys with the support of the Iron Islands, that is if Yara still has any claim, what with the rise of Euron Greyjoy. But that’s a whole other kettle of kraken)

It is possible that Daenerys could make it to Kings Landing this season. And if we’re being honest, it’s probably time.

And lastly, to the knower of all spoilers

Bran Stark


After spending an entire season inside a tree, Bran’s abilities of The Sight and warging will be very sharp, having been taught by the Three-Eyed Raven himself. Bran can now warg freely with heart trees, allowing him to see into the past – specifically Winterfell’s past. Bran will learn about his father, Eddard, as well as the events that led to the unseating of the Targaryen dynasty.

This is going to be an extremely important factor during this season. It is through Bran’s visions that we will see the flashback of The Tower of Joy, as well as the explanation of Jon Snow’s ancestry, that is, that Jon is the son of Rhegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Also through Bran’s visions, we will learn more about the Night’s King, possibly meeting him.

Another theory going around is that Bran will eventually come to warg into one of Daenery’s dragons and aid in the fight against the Army of the Dead. I’m not so sure about that one, but I am very sure that Bran is growing to be one of the most powerful characters on the show.

So that’s it! Of course, there is so much more and so many other characters to take into account, however if I began writing it now, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

I am so very excited to see my favourite show return, and am even more so with the nearing conclusion.

Please let me know what you think, I love a discussion.

Enjoy the season premiere on Monday (Sunday in the US and UK), I know I will.


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